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What is cool about Coma Toes?

Coma Toes are slippers with your favorite 'puffy coat' nylon on top AND rubber, sneaker like sole on the bottom. This genius combo means you can wear them out and about, lounging, house parties, coffee shop, the movies, backstage, air travel or the tour bus!

Care: If they get dirty, remove the insoles and hand wash. Toss the slippers in the washing machine and use warm water. Don't combine with white items or put in the dryer - let them air dry. Reinsert the insole and off you go.

Where-not-to-wear - It is not recommended to wear your Coma Toes in wet weather, mud or snow. They are not designed for inclement weather or rugged conditions. They are chill-out lounge slippers - use best judgement.

Sizing: If you wear a half-size, such as 9.5, go up to the next size which would be 10. They run pretty wide, so wide feet should have no problem. They are roomy by design.

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